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Account Services

Open account privileges are extended based on each applicant’s credit history.

Our terms are Net 30 days from the invoice date. We do provide a monthly statement for your convenience. Invoices can be mailed weekly via US Post or we can email them immediately upon billing. All changes in billing requirements, authorized users or mailing (& email) addresses should be directed to our corporate office immediately. An Authorized Signers list, which helps to avoid unauthorized activity on open accounts, is encouraged.

Please note that BJ's Rentals, Inc. charges a 12% Equipment Protection Plan fee on all rentals. Fees are not applicable if we are provided a current Certificate of Insurance with BJ's Rentals, Inc. named as additional insured and certificate holder, as well as meeting all additional requirements.

BJ's Rentals, Inc. abides by the California Preliminary Requirements for the State of California. Please allow twenty-four hours to accommodate all Lien Release requests.

If you’re interested in opening an account, please complete and sign our Credit Application and fax to 619-401-8479 or email to

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Account Services